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35th Anniversary Offer

In November 2017 - MagnaSys Ltd. marked it's 35th year working for the travel industry.

To celebrate this anniversary, we want to make a very special offer to all new customers, which existing customers might also wish to take on.


This Offer lasts until May 2018

  • 3 free workstation licences

  • Any extra workstation licences are half of the standard list price

  • This price will be maintained forever - subject to an annual increase for inflation. 

  • This offer is subject to the condition that the monthly payment would be made by direct debit, with the usual direct debit safeguards.  



The best deal is full system price where the free workstation licences would start at a saving of £80 per month, plus more licences at half price. 

Please note this offer cannot be combined with any other offer.  After March 2018 the standard price list will apply to any changes.

We do not want to leave our existing customers out of this offer, so we are quite happy to switch existing customers to the new scheme in its entirety if they wish.

Offer Price

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