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Terms & Conditions - MagnaSys Software terms of use

Last updated  28th March 2022
The following applies for & all other MagnaSys Software.

These terms of use explain what you can expect from us and what we expect from you when creating and operating software services that constitute the LMS Travel software package. They do not create a legal relationship between MagnaSys Ltd and yourselves.

We reserve the right to remove your access to LMS temporarily or permanently.

These terms may change from time to time and we will let you know when this happens. For major changes you may need to re-accept these terms of use, but for minor changes we will assume you agree to the changes unless we hear from you.

If you have any questions contact


What you can expect from us

We will:

  • Give you full access to any LMS software updates at the time of logging in to LMS.

  • Make sure any changes made are backwards compatible.

  • We will endeavour to make the software perform every task as perfectly as possible, however we do acknowledge that such total perfection is impossible, so in the event of any variation from that perfect state we ask our customers to report the issue and it will be corrected immediately.

The integrity of data input into LMS and the subsequent back-up of that data is the responsibility of LMS users. MagnaSys Ltd will endeavour to provide as much advice and facility to assist in assuring that this responsibility is supported. MagnaSys Ltd will provide services to assist in the physical back-up of customer data, if it is requested by LMS system users.



What we expect from you

We take the protection of our software and your customer data seriously. We expect you to do the same by following data protection law and protecting users in line with the:

You must also follow these acts and regulations if they’re changed or replaced.

Accessing data

If we withdraw a piece of software or you stop using it, we will make every endeavour to allow you to retrieve and export all data so that you can meet your obligations to government organisations.

We will use every means available to protect sensitive and/or personal data.

Processing data

You may need to pay a data protection fee (opens in a new tab) if your software processes personal data.

Storing data

If you store and process your customer’s personal data, you must tell them:

  • what personal data you’ll be processing and what you’ll use it for

  • that you’re responsible for protecting their data

  • if you intend to store their data outside the European Economic Area

  • your lawful basis (opens in a new tab) for processing their personal data


If you need users’ consent to store and process their personal data you’ll need to follow GDPR rules on obtaining consent (opens in a new tab).


If you store or process data outside the European Economic Area, you must:


You must store data to meet our policy on keeping your pay and tax records (opens in a new tab).

Data breaches

If there’s a data breach or any other issue concerning customer data you must tell us immediately by emailing

Under GDPR rules, you must also notify ICO about certain types of personal data breach (opens in a new tab) within 72 hours of becoming aware of it.


Advertising and marketing

Any advertising that appears in your software must follow both:

You cannot share personal data for marketing without customers’ consent, as defined in the Direct Marketing Guidance PDF from the Information Commissioner’s Office (opens in a new tab).

Licence agreements

The licence agreement between you and MagnaSys Ltd is limited to a monthly or quarterly (as appropriate) provision of software and support in return for payment of the licence fee.


We :

  • Will make every reasonable provision to make your software and the data that it uses as secure as possible    using the software coding.

  • Cannot accept responsibility for data breaches due to the actions of your staff and other such outside sources.

Suspicious activity

We expect you to look out for and block suspicious attempts to access or manipulate customer accounts.



We will provide customer support by using telephone at our published telephone numbers and/or by email at or by going to our support page

Dispute process
  1. We’ll contact you if we learn about an issue that affects us or your customers.

  2. We’ll work together to solve the issue.

  3. If the problem is under your control we expect you to solve it straight away.

  4. If you can’t solve it, we’ll refer it to your managing director or accountable officer.

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