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Pricing Structure

We aim to give the best prices in the market, together with the best working software and a high level of support.  To achieve this we have very carefully priced the System Levels to ensure that we have achieved the lowest price possible, while providing an excellent service

Standard Prices

All Prices Do Not Include VAT

For new customers there will be a 30% discount on list prices as above, for 3 months after LMS has been accepted to allow time for familiarization and training in use of the software.

Free Installation and initial training (normally two half day sessions).

Free Updates via automatic download.

Free Support

No Contract

Optional Extras

For £15 a month we will provide a Database hosting service and a backup on a separate system.

For £10 a month we keep a daily backup from your System.

Single User - Single PC Price

All Prices Do Not Include VAT

Free Updates via automatic download.

Free Email Support

No Contract

Upgrade option available to the Multiuser system at anytime at standard price

Payment for the software will be on a monthly direct debit.


Optional Extras

For £10 a month we keep a daily backup from your System.

The Basic LMS System


The Basic system includes:-

  • Invoicing

  • Customer receipting

  • Supplier payment records

  • Downloads from reservation systems

  • Detailed Reporting

  • Emailing

  • Direct ATOL certification to CAA standards

  • ATOL reporting in the required CAA format

 The Complete LMS System

Agency Functionality           

  • Remote connection capability 

  • Consultant task management

  • Business House and Agency tools


Accounting and Detailed Reporting Functionality

  • BSP variance reporting

  • Full accounting up to trial balance

  • Expenses Entry

  • Provision for online payment systems, such as Sagepay and Barclays

  • Marketing

  • MTD VAT 

  • Very detailed reporting on every aspect of the business


Please note: All remote workstations will be priced at a further £5 plus VAT per month, to reflect the extra cost of providing support. This charge does not apply when using our Database Hosting Service.


Price increases will normally be restricted to an annual rise to meet development and support costs to keep LMS in the forefront of the travel software business.  This will be limited to the change in the RPI each year.

If existing customers wish to move to the new pricing structure, that will be welcomed but you are advised to discuss it with us as it is a one-way process. 

We do not ask for any contract period or any other means of locking you in.  We believe that once you have tried LMS and you have seen the benefits you will want to stay with us.  Your only commitment is for a month at a time.  We find that is highly satisfactory for our customers and does result in very long-term business relationships.



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