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About LMS

LMS has now been in successful operation for over 25 years, putting the requirements of our customers into a very accessible product.  Customers pay a very small amount each to share the cost of providing software, support and development to meet industry standards, for the mutual benefit of everyone.

High Quality - Low Cost

LMS has been designed as a product for a community of customers who need software to suit a high demand of agency activity at an affordable price.   To do this our business is based on a low-cost operating model, which can give our customers a low price, but without cutting back on software effectiveness and providing a high quality of training and support. 

Examples of the functionality that are available in the complete system are;

  • Easy access for invoicing and receipting to provide a professional view to customers

  • Records of the customer base and payment records

  • Customer and supplier statements of outstanding money due

  • Integrated ATOL certification to CAA standards

  • ATOL reporting to CAA standards

  • Integrated payment systems, such as SAGEPAY

  • Full reporting on sales to enhance management decision making

  • Easy integrated collection of data from the major booking engines, e.g. Amadeus, Galileo, Sabre and Worldspan

  • Easy integrated emailing through your own email server



Plus…  a host of other functions that will help your consultants make bookings and help management make informed decisions about many aspects of the business.

You can change your System Level and amount of licences as required - the software is charged on a monthly basis without any contract. 


The software has been designed in the Microsoft Visual Studio environment, using the Microsoft SQL database for data storage.  This means that the software will always be fully compatible with windows and will be kept up to date with the newest features and improvements. This also makes it possible to interact with other windows software such as Excel.


The number of LMS users is only limited by the power of your computer network.  You can easily work with remote databases with users operating in a number of locations with the appropriate computer setup.

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