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Providing Comprehensive Travel Software Solutions
Bookings - Invoices - ATOL - PNR - Reporting 
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With many years of experience in the Travel Software industry...

The complete Travel System for all your needs

LMS by MagnaSys

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Designed to suit you

LMS has a modular construction which is upgradeable as your company changes, so you only pay for those modules that you need for your company operations.

Latest Technology

LMS uses the latest software technology from Microsoft, being built in Visual Studio and backed up in SQL server, with assurances and tested functionality added by us. 

Just give us a call

Free Support and updates are included in any subscription.

Track Sales and Profits

PNR Downloads & ATOL Reporting

MTD Submissions and Requests

Helping you find the right IT solutions.

We can provide a system that can work either through your company network or hosted online. You can email Invoices, reports and receipts directly from LMS.

Create Bookings and Reports

The Basic LMS System


  • Instant reporting on invoices and booking status.

  • Reporting on money collected

  • Reporting on Sales made

  • Reporting on sales, purchase and profit for each invoice

  • Changes and corrections to invoiced bookings

  • Reporting on who owes you money.

  • Reporting to whom you owe money

  • Entry and changes to set-up of customers and suppliers

  • Entries to pay suppliers.

PNR Download and ATOL

The LMS.Net Basic software system allows you to use PNR data downloaded from one or more of the computer reservation companies.  These companies will remain responsible for providing the download as only they have the ability to do that, but once downloaded the data can be automatically used in bookings and invoices, or we can offer a service to copy and paste PNR data into an invoice.


The addition of ATOL certificates and ATOL reports, in the specific format to comply with CAA requirements is essential for any ATOL registered company.  All you have to do is specify the type of sale and these documents are all produced automatically.


 The Basic System offers many Reports. These are;-


  • Reports on downloaded data that has not been invoiced

  • Reports on sales

  • Reports on profitability

  • ATOL reporting capability

  • Full set of changes and correction programs

The Complete LMS System


The Complete System adds the ability to produce agency and business house invoices, with the various additional tasks that this implies e.g. adding markup to agency invoices and producing an agent invoice with remittance document for the agent.  The Complete System will also bring with it further reports and procedures for checking on agent and business house status, producing statements and making more detailed changes to invoices.


The Complete System will also allow the direct IP method of connecting to the central system server remotely.  ATOL reporting in compliance with ATOL requirements is included, plus the ability to receive downloads from a web engine configured to our specification.

The Complete System includes constant on-screen agency task monitoring.


The Complete system provides all of the comprehensive functionality you require including  BSP variance reporting, Mass emailing, Full accounting to trial balance, very full reporting on every aspect of the business, right through to recording business expenses and MTD VAT

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